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A pretty blonde selling a dress on eBay posted a picture of her NAKED

January 21, 2013

A pretty blonde selling a dress on eBay posted a picture of her NAKED has racked up more than #150,000 in bids.

The mystery woman known by her username “sugartit_2” uploaded a photograph of a mustard dress she wanted to sell.

But online bidders browsing for new clothes were stunned when they zoomed in on the image which showed the seller standing in a black bra wearing no knickers.

She was captured in the reflection of a mirror as she used a smartphone to photograph the size 10 dress which is worth £35 on ASOS.

The racy marketing ploy seems to have worked and there have been 130 hopeful owners who have pushed the bidding up to a staggering £153,911 for the dress.

Using the hashtag “#ebayyellowskaterdress” the seller sent out the image on Twitter which potentially means millions of users saw her flashing.

After realising her “mistake” the blonde uploaded a new picture of her covered up by a blue jacket – but still showing off her toned legs.

The description for the dress on eBay jokingly says: “A MUST HAVE! As seen by thousands. Never worn naked. Needs a good home.”

There was plenty of reaction on Twitter with some users accusing the girl of posing naked just to attract buyers for her dress.

Jordan Dingle wrote: “Apparently accidentally picturing yourself naked makes you 150K +. #ebayyellowskaterdress.”

Lucy Brooksbank tweeted: “The girl selling that dress on ebay has put it up again and getting over £150k for it! mental! #ebayyellowskaterdress.”

Scott Isted said: “#ebayyellowskaterdress at least she had a sense of humour about the situation & £153k +. The price of Nudity these days.”

And Russell Laird said: “#ebayyellowskaterdress girl posts dress on eBay, accidentally gets in the photo naked, reposts its and its selling for £153,000!”

Bidding for the dress is scheduled to end in two days on 17th January.