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October 15, 2018


An aspiring doctor diagnosed with cervical cancer at 19 who shunned chemotherapy to save her unborn baby is celebrating giving birth to a healthy boy, fighting cancer and achieving a first in her university exams.

Second-year student Abbie Colvin, now 20, spent a year being treated with antibiotics for cystitis as she was experiencing bleeding during intercourse.

But when she went to the doctors for sexual health screening in September 2016 after meeting her partner Oakley Buchanan, 21, tests revealed a problem with her cervix.

The biomedical science student received the devastating news that she had cervical cancer in January 2017 and was ‘heartbroken’ when doctors told her she would eventually need a hysterectomy.

After accepting she would never have a baby, Abbie from Poulton, Lancashire, went in for laser treatment to target cancer cells on her cervix in April 2017 – but a precautionary urine test revealed she was already pregnant.

Despite being offered chemotherapy during her pregnancy, Abbie was not willing to take any risks as she knew this may be her only chance to carry her own baby.

‘Miracle’ baby Oscar Buchanan, seven months, was born healthy on December 12 and Abbie started three gruelling rounds of chemotherapy two weeks later – which she fought through while completing her exams.

And the inspirational young mum, who is now in her final round of chemo, is deservedly rejoicing in raising a happy little boy, getting a first and battling cancer all at the same time.

Abbie, who studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “When they told me I couldn’t have children due to needing a hysterectomy, I was just heartbroken.