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Mum and Daughter horror at death trap student halls

October 10, 2011

Students claim they were allocated squalid flats when they arrived to start a new university degree course.

These pictures – taken by one shocked parent – show the filthy state of some flats at Manchester Student Village when freshers moved-in.

Student Michaela Yates found her £93-a-week had doors hanging-off their hinges, piles of old carpets, missing locks and furnishings covered in a layer of grime.

Furious mother Jennifer Yates todl how she had to don rubber gloves to scrub the “disgusting and filthy conditions we found” inside Lower Chatham Road halls in Manchester Student Village.

Angry Jennifer said: “It was no joke. All the surfaces were thick with grime so we spent the whole day having to scrub before we could unpack.

“The toilet door was missing and there was no shower curtain. There was peeling plaster above the shower, broken bathroom shelves and a broken bar stool.

“Piles of rubbish, old carpets, filthy mattresses and fridges were strewn about the entrances to many of the flats posing a serious fire hazard.

“If something had have happened then it would have been chaos.”

They arrived on busy “Freshers Weekend” but Jennifer says she walked into health and safety minefield on a nerve-racking day for both parents and their kids.

Added Jennifer: “It’s quite obvious students would be arriving in September and any renovation work should have been finished over the summer break, which is ample time.

“It’s not fair that a worrying day was made worse and adding pressure to Michaela before she started her course.

“The family next door to my daughter had similar experiences to myself and needed to lay their son’s carpet because he was starting his course the next day.

“He didn’t even have a lock on his door.”

Jennifer has complained to MCR Property Group who claim to “provide students with everything they need from a comfortable bed to a secure and safe environment”.

She said: “We decided on the room after visiting the MCR website but it was in no way how they advertised it.”

A spokesperson from MCR said: “We are aware of some issues in B Block of Manchester Student Village regarding the move-in on Saturday where some of the rooms were not completely ready for the new residents.

“We have apologised for this and have already repaired a lot of the issues. We are continuing to resolve any other issues as quickly as possible and have requested any customer who is still not happy should contact our main reception.”