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Little Girl with Arthritis becomes Gymnast

September 7, 2015

A girl who was diagnosed with arthritis aged just three has bounced back to become a gymnast. Little Lily Whitehead, now seven, had such bad arthritis in her legs that she could not even walk. Her parents Jane, 48, and Nick, 45, from Southport, Merseyside, had to push their daughter around in a pushchair when her joints became inflamed. But after Lily took part in a new drug trial she made an incredible recovery and is now able to run, swim and even do gymnastics. Jane said: “Lily walked down the stairs one day limping and it just got worse from there. “A few years ago on sport’s day we had to watch her cry while she was running, she […]

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Bubbly Mum’s New Fizz-ique

September 1, 2015

A woman who was addicted to coke and drank four litres a day loses nearly half her body weight after giving it up. Sarah Turner from Kingstanding, Birmingham, dropped eight dress sizes and lost eight stone after ditching her unhealthy habits thanks to Slimming World. The 27-year-old single mum of three was consuming around 432g of sugar a day and claims she lost the weight by cutting it out of her diet – and still doesn’t eat fruit, vegetables or salad.

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Hamster and Rottweiler are Best Friends

August 17, 2015

A tiny four-inch hamster has struck up the most unlikely of friendships – with a six and half stone Rottweiler. Razor is a one-year-old Rottweiler puppy who would have been sold as a fighting dog if he had not been rescued by owner Ria Mitchell. Yet in contrast to the life Razor was originally destined for; the ‘gentle giant’ has befriended a Syrian hamster named Snickers. Ria, an amateur photographer, says Razor is so good-natured he ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ – in fact he runs from them in fear. The 19-year-old claims Snickers routinely follows the dog about the house and Razor regularly lies down and allows the hamster to clamber onto his back and head. And despite Razor still having a […]

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This Puppy grew into a 15-Stone Monster

August 11, 2015

A granny was left ‘in the dog house’ when she told her husband they had adopted a Jack Russell – only for the puppy to grow into one of the biggest dogs in the UK. Grandmother-of-four Sue Markham fell in love with 1lb 15oz puppy Yogi but husband Robert, both 57, had said he didn’t want a ‘big dog’. So Robert was left stunned when the ‘Jack Russell’ didn’t stop growing and turned into a 15-stone monster – who chomps his way through £37 worth of food every week. Yogi, known in the village as ‘Bear’ due to his size, turned out to be a Boston Great Dane that now has his own three-acre paddock for exercise and wears an […]

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Real Life Tarzan and Jane

August 10, 2015

Meet the snap happy couple who love nothing better than swimming with ALLIGATORS AND CROCODILES. Modern-day Tarzan and Jane Chris Gillette and his girlfriend Ashley Lawrence are world-leading experts on the dangerous reptiles. The pair met four years ago at the same wildlife park when Chris, 27, was working with alligators and Ashley, 28, with tigers. Now the really wild couple work together educating the public about wildlife and crocodiles and alligators. But Chris admits despite their knowledge there are still risks.  

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Breathtaking Wildlife Pictures

August 1, 2015

  These breath-taking photographs reveal the everyday lives of animals living in the wild. The incredible images were taken by wildlife photographer Wim van dan Heever, from Pretoria, South Africa, during trips to locations including Japan, Botswana and Svalbard. The 43-year-old has been photographing wildlife since he was a young boy and turned his passion for animals into a career and set up ODP Safaris. He has travelled across the globe to photograph wild animals – from lions and tigers, to elephants, dolphins and eagles – as they hunt, give birth and graze in their natural habitats.

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Man Rides Tour de France on a CHOPPER

July 31, 2015

The man who rode the Tour de France route on a Raleigh Chopper was so ill and exhausted  by when he reached Paris he couldn’t get out of bed to see the race. Dave Sims rode over 1,600 miles on the route of the most hotly contested bike race in the world raising thousands for help for heroes. He also received a video message from Chris Froome and was treated by Team Sky’s physios after an awkward ride left him with an ankle injury. And the personal trainer from Southport, Merseyside says he’s not done yet with plans for yet more trips to the Alps with his trusty Chopper later this year. Dave said: “It was just pure exhaustion and […]

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Meet the one in three MILLION triplets

July 28, 2015

Meet the One in Three Million Triplets Kuzey, Koray and Ayaz Cerikci are six-month-old naturally conceived triplets from Chelmsford, Essex. Twins Kuzey and Koray were diagnosed with the rare condition monochorionic monoamniotic, or ‘mono-mono’, which affects just one per cent of all twins. It means the twins share one amniotic sac and placenta. The odds of the condition affecting twins that are part of a triplet pregnancy are just one in two million, although it is more common in twins and triplets conceived through IVF. Now the triplets are back at home with their parents Claire, 37, and Gurcan, 36. Claire, who is at home with the triplets now but usually runs a drainage business, said: “I know when mono-mono affects twins it is rare in itself so […]

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The Friendliest Little Girl in Britain

July 16, 2015

  A special girl suffers with a rare condition that makes her extremely FRIENDLY. Little Lauren Taylor, three, has Williams Syndrome, one of the side effects of which means she will say hello to everyone.  Mum Katherine, 37, says it takes her hours to do the supermarket shopping because Laurenhas to say hi to everyone. The condition has also left the youngster with development delays. She is estimated to be around one year behind her peers. Katherine, from Barnsley, said: “She can say a few words and she says hello to everybody as the condition means she has no fear of strangers. “It’s nice to know we will never have to worry about her being shy, but it takes forever to get anywhere because she wants to speak to everyone.  

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Make-up Artist Transforms Herself into Any Celebrity

July 16, 2015

Meet the make-up artist who can transform herself into almost anyone. Lucia Pittalis, 44, has transformed herself using only make up into a host of famous faces, including Rambo, Queen Elizabeth II, Walter White and Keith Richards. The Rome-based make up artist and painter creates her amazing works of art using her face as the canvas and has attracted an impressive following on social media. The 44-year-old has been doing these amazing metamorphoses for the past three years. She said: “The idea came from my passion for portrait paintings, makeup, and my love for cinema and theatre. “I started making characters on my face on Halloween time to have fun with friends. “At the beginning I got funny reactions from […]

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